Printing Fort Hays

Printing Fort Hays
A History of Publishing and Printing
at Fort Hays State University
March 2018-June 2018

This exhibition features letterpress plates used to print images from Fort Hays State University publications and photographs of faculty, staff, and students working on the various processes of publishing. The letterpress printing plates were used in the early 1900s at the State College Press, later the Fort Hays State University Press. These plates were used to print illustrations and photographs for everything from sports programs, faculty and student publications and much more. The exhibit also includes materials used in the publishing process and plates used in offset printing. During the second half of the 20th century, when offset printing replaced letterpress, FHSU faculty and students would write and format large volume university publications, such as the University Leader and the Reveille, and send them to the Hays Daily News for printing.


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