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A large group of military personnel is outside of a brick building lined up in several rows with the first row of men squatting and the back rows of men standing. They are all wearing military uniforms and hats. NOTE: The picture was taken by L. C. Aicher who was the superintendent at the Ft. Hays Experiment Station during this time. Film no. 2867-0 by L. C. Aicher (Information from "Ethnic and Historical research concerning the Volga Germans and Ellis County Kansas" located in the Center for Ethnic Studies.)

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Prisoner-of-war camps, Soldiers--1940-1950, Men, Military Uniforms


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This is almost all of the guard group at Hays, Kansas. October 1943 Lt. Neal A. Broyles, Boise, Idaho; Pfc. Wm. P. Rockford, Bayonne, N.Y.; Pfc. Lewis Fishoff, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Charles Wagner, Bayonne, N.J.; Pvt. Douglas J. Ross, Butler, N.J.; Pvt. Warren G. Thomas, San Francisco, Calif.; Pfc. Donald B. Vail, Dunellen, N.J.; Pvt. John P. Hickey, Wilm. (Wilmington), Dela.; Cpl. Alex J. Prather, Gwinhurst, Dela.; Pvt. Kenneth Richer, Butler, N.J.; T/5 Frank J. Mousha, Elmhurst, N.Y.; Pfc. William Piero, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Sgt. Ernest Mattord, Iron Mt., Michigan; Cpl. Charlie S. Fisher, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Joseph E. Fish, Hillside, N.J.; Pfc. Robert A. Teiman, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Michael J. Olivieri, Colonia, N.J.; Cpl. Walter Karugus, N.Y. Mills, N.Y.; Pvt. David J. Brown, Engadine, Michigan; Pfc. Brent H. Taylor, Lincoln Park, N.J.; Pvt. Fred Hardigree, Hazard, Ky.; Pfc. E. J. Trilsch, N.Y.C.; Pvt. John W. Rowan, N.Y. City; Cpl. James O. William, Tenn.; Prc. Joseph J. Barnett, Bayonne, N.J.; Pfc. Alexander Bobreski, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pvt. Joseph J. Zitolo, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Chris Jorgensen, Manhattan, N.Y.; Pfc. Robert J. Clougher, Bayonne, N.J.; Pfc. Edgar Megginson, New Castle, Dela.; Pfc. John I. Kruk, Garfield, N.J.; Pvt. Daniel R. Morgan, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Stanley R. Pearson, Bloomfield, N.J.; Pfc. Michael Nanoski, Herkimer, N.Y.; Pfc. Charles Steinberg, Newark, N.Y.; Pvt. Robert Carlisle, Catskill, N.Y.; Pfc. Wm. F. Homes, Woodstone, N.J.; Pfc. Samuel J. Sloan, Westville, N.J.;


Prisoner-of-war camps, Soldiers--1940-1950, Men, Military Uniforms