Music & Theatre Master's Theses
The Music & Theatre Master's Theses Collection contains manuscripts written by Fort Hays graduate students. Due to copyright restrictions some works are limited to on-campus access only. Please contact for questions regarding access to individual works.


Theses from 1951


Instrumental Music In Western Kansas Public Schools, Harold G. Palmer

Theses from 1945


An Instrumental Music Method For Teaching Band Instruments In Classes In The Fourth And Fifth Grades, Robert A. Gantner

Theses from 1939


A Study In The Adaptability of Text Book Content In Meeting Present Rural School Pupil Achievement In Music, Otto Weigel

Theses from 1938


A Study of The Administration and Organization of The High School Band In Western Kansas, Paul H. Andree

Theses from 1932


A Study of Music Education In The Senior High Schools of Western Kansas, William Robert Horn