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This chapter aims to provide useful information about the implementation of diversity equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) to improve organizational performance. This chapter provides a conceptual framework for organizational leaders who desire additional awareness and knowledge regarding the nature, extent, and impact of diverse employees’ barriers. Further, the purpose of this endeavor is to demonstrate that the persistent lack of recruitment, promotion, and retention of diverse employees is due to systemic, structural, organizational, institutional, cultural, and societal obstacles. Further, the theory of generative interactions (TGI) supports how obstacles must be acknowledged and eliminated through increased awareness of the issues linked to evidence-based, data-driven approaches leading to measurable key process indicators (KPIs) and outcomes. To support DEIB initiatives, many organizations have developed the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) position to manage the process, eliminate barriers, and proactively strengthen organizational culture.

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The Handbook of Research on Social Justice Research Methods


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