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Scrapbooks are notoriously difficult to digitize and present in a way that both preserves the context of the item and supports discoverability in a digital collection environment. Digitization of complex mixed media items is time consuming. Metadata creation is a challenge. By digitizing only the items that would be rendered inaccessible by encapsulation, questions about presentation were bypassed. Items could be presented as individual assets. An umbrella collection of archival supplementary material was created in CONTENTdm and individual items from the scrapbook were connected through metadata rather than as a singular resource. This allowed the items to exist more cohesively with other digital collections and provides the flexibility to pursue other hybrid preservation projects in the future. The purpose of this project was to increase access to a historically valuable yet unused item. According to Google Analytics data, the piece has received 289 page views since going live, with most of those views coming as a result of searches in the Forsyth Digital Collections.


This case study was submitted as a presentation to the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries 2019. The presentation can be viewed in their proceedings.