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Research Paper

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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


The purpose of this project is to introduce and examine in detail the arguments for and against the issue of net neutrality. Why is the issue of net neutrality important? According to Google's website, Net neutrality' is an issue that will shape the future of the Internet [italics added] Google. Net neutrality will be examined through a traditional literature review utilizing mainstream press, scholarly journal articles, and recent books in print will provide background and perspective on the issue. A review of recent legislation regarding the telecommunications industry and recent FCC policies and practices will also be completed to provide historical context and reference. Detailed examination of proposed legislation will follow the review along with analysis of implications and repercussions of the legislation. Congressional testimony of both proponents and opponents will be examined and analyzed. Attempts will be made to survey all U. S. senators and representatives directly to ascertain their official position on net neutrality. Advocacy groups on all sides of the issue will be contacted and surveyed for their official positions. Arguments for and against various aspects of net neutrality will be methodically examined through analysis of the different facets of net neutrality. Parallels will be drawn between net neutrality and other relevant regulated and non-regulated industries. The culmination of this project will be conclusions and an informed opinion based upon the research above.


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