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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


If you are involved in either the criminal justice or EMS field, chances are you will be involved in an EMS call to a correctional facility at some point in your career. One reason, and the most obvious, is due to an individual's use of a variety of substances, ranging from alcohol to cold medicines to methamphetamine. Another common reason, especially for the prisons, is an aging inmate population. Just like people outside the correctional setting, those who are incarcerated have the potential to face the same types of medical problems. However, responding to a correctional facility is not touched on in the basic instruction of EMS personnel. My purpose for exploring this soon-to-be common occurrence of EMS calls to correctional facilities is to educate responders as well as officers alike, and to provide a starting point for opening the lines of communication between all the agencies involved when a medical emergency occurs within a facility. From experience, a lack of understanding about correctional facilities by EMS responders, as well as communication between officers and responders, are among areas in need of improvement.


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