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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


We are all global citizens, with individual, national, global legal and moral responsibilities. With the internet, the increasing number of daily direct flights that connect world capital cities like New York, Tokyo, Milan and Amsterdam to name a few, we live in a global village. If we take an example from the sad event of September 11 terrorist attacks on America, it obviously shows that with globalization, each American citizen faces increasing security risks that were not taken into account years ago when our nation's existing principles, practices, procedures and legislations that guide the practices of the existing criminal justice system were enacted into law. Does this mean that the criminal justice system relies on outdated theories and principles to address new national security issues, illegal drugs dealing, human trafficking and illegal immigration? Should we be looking for new ways to reinforce the capacity of our national and federal law enforcement agencies, to upgrade skills through new training and development programs to better position ourselves in the fight against these new types of crimes? The main goals of this paper are outlined below. First, an analysis of the theoretical principles of immigration laws, national security and law enforcement agencies will be done. Second, the paper will identify and define changes happening at a global level. Thirdly, it will point out the impact of such changes and the strain put on the judiciary, law enforcement, and other national, federal agencies whose field of work and range of responsibilities are greater than before.


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