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Research Paper

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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


My culminating experience in English will examine the Waldesruh journals and the log books kept at a cabin in western Wisconsin. The journals were started in 1964 by the original owner, Elmer W. Sprick, and have been maintained by subsequent owners. The journals are more than a tally of temperature, weather conditions, and hunting results. Those things are present, but what becomes apparent in reading the journal entries is the importance of and camaraderie fostered by hunting. The journals show that when practiced honorably, hunting places man among nature as a part of nature, not separate from it. The analysis of the journals will also reveal a history of the Frank family. The journals weren't intended to document one family's life, but as the primary users of the cabin and property known as Waldesruh, the Franks are well-represented, and in the process, their lives are documented. In addition, this section of the paper will show the importance of journals and diaries for writers and non-writers, and it will analyze how journals have been incorporated into literary works by such authors as Jim Harrison, Henry David Thoreau, and Aldo Leopold. The main thesis is that the Waldesruh journals represent literature despite the original intention of them, which was to document the natural life, wildlife and human life at the property.


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