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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


Starship Recreational Vehicles is a family owned company that has been producing a high quality product for 40 years. In recent years, Starship has experienced difficulties in recruiting and retaining employees which in turn has affected the company’s bottom line. Profits have been low or nonexistent with a deficit totaling three million being seen in 2006. Some of this can be directly attributed to staffing and high turnover, a situation that promulgates high expenditures due to the need to train so many new employees to replace those that leave the company. Company culture and demographics can be important factors when examining causes for high turnover and a quick look at Starship's demographics' will show that cultural diversity is lacking. The company is managed exclusively by white males and almost all 91% of the company’s professional workforce, such as engineers and salespersons, are white males as well. All office/clerical positions are held by female workers and the remaining positions in the company are 43% white male. It is obvious that Starship's hiring and promotion policies and practices badly need an overhaul. Before further discussion regarding Starship and the company’s need for change it is important to understand the facts regarding anti-discrimination laws and the problems that could arise as a result of Starship's skewed staffing demographics.


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