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Revolutions are not uncommon in history. One does not have to look far to see many examples that occur all around us and often without much notice. Occasionally something will happen in some corner of the world that heightens awareness and creates concern. Dramatic change can create interest, but the consequences of those changes are what elevates the interest in calculating why change occurred and what happened afterward. Throughout history, the American Revolution one of the most noted social and political uprisings that ever occurred. In order to grasp the reality of it, many have compared it to other revolutions around the world, especially those that occurred in a proximate timeframe, such as the French Revolution. To do so is to miss much of the unique character of the American experience. When one reviews the society of America in the eighteenth century, the ideas that were coming from this social grouping were quite unique. “The remarkable revolutionary character of the American’s idea . . . indicates that something profoundly unsettling was going on in society. The very nature of the colonist’s rhetoric, its obsession with corruption and order, its hostile and conspiratorial outlook, and its millennial vision of a regenerated society reveals as nothing else can the American Revolution as a true revolution with its sources lying deep within the social structure.”


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