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Research Paper

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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


This proposal, prepared for my advisory committee, will describe the relevance of web-based, content-driven systems designed specifically to disseminate elementary education classroom materials and information via the web. Web-based content management systems WCMS are database driven, and can be dynamically updated, queried, organized, indexed, searched, and published to a website. This allows similar groups of people to share extremely relevant information over the internet by creating highly customizable and secure web applications. Specifically, these customized websites provide elementary education instructors the forum to facilitate and improve communication with parents and students through the dissemination of data in an organized and time sensitive manner. With the invention of the internet, high speed broadband, and well-designed web content management systems, society has begun to revolutionize the way we share information and how we interact with one another. Within this final paper, I will provide; 1 a brief introduction highlighting the significance of web content management systems within education, 2 detailed research of content management systems, 3 an assessment and propose a “real world” web-based project for a local elementary school, and 4 highlight the methods, project tasks, and learning outcomes.


Copyright 2007 Spencer Casey


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