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Research Paper

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Master of Liberal Studies (MLS)


This paper will research the aspects of online learning in today’s “Knowledge Society” (Drucker, 1993, p. 8). Distance learning opportunities have become available from anywhere in this new digital age of society. Online learners appear in the form of self-taught intellectuals, college students obtaining a higher education, home schooled students, and established professionals seeking continued education. In the excitement of this new educational trend, most of what is advertised is encouraging and seemingly ideal for today’s busy student. However, there can be disadvantages to online education, too. These advantages and disadvantages not only affect students, but instructors and educational institutions as well. A wealth of information exists on this topic when exploring higher education and particularly, its implications for students. In addition, many studies are also available regarding the topic of K-12 online education. Scholarly academic writings were the primary source for gathering the information about this vast subject. Conclusions about online education regarding the impact of the identified implications on students, instructors, and institutions are offered.


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