There is a great need to be familiar with creating business networks and partnerships in China by U. S. businesses. The research objectives were to identify the strategies on how to build business networks and partnerships in China and evaluate the importance of those strategies in the development of an effective Chinese market by U. S. agricultural companies. By identifying the strategies and their importance, educators can better assist in the development of educational training programs. A three-round Delphi study was conducted in this study. Thirty-seven (37) panel members completed the first round survey with 34 of them completing the second and third round surveys. The panel members were U. S. agriculture business experts who understood the research topics, had international agriculture business experience in China, and were willing to share such experiences. Panel members were purposefully selected to represent the agricultural industry, government, and higher education sectors. The panel generated a total of 12 strategies on how to build business networks and partnerships in China. Of the 12 strategies, one reached a high consensus level, 10 reached a moderate consensus level, and one reached a low consensus level. Also, of the 12 strategies, one was considered essential, eight were considered very important, and three were considered moderately important. In conclusion, the strategies developed in this study regarding how to build business networks and partnerships cross-culture were all rated by the panel as important at various levels and should be included in international business and leadership educational training programs targeted at U. S. companies wishing to conduct business in China. As a result, international leadership competencies of U. S. business people could be enhanced.





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