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Approximate Date

January 1951


This color photograph features an aerial view of the core area of downtown Newton. Poplar Street runs bottom to top at left. Main street runs bottom to top in right half of photo. Cross streets visible are Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Broadway. Visible center left are the Arkansas Valley Interurban tracks as they turn off of Fifth into the AVI depot area. Old Cooper School building is visible upper right. It was torn down 1938-1939. Written in pencil and typed on back of photo: "Newton. View looking North East Engines in left foreground, left to right: (First Row) 0-8-0 800 Class, and the only oil burner; No. 1493 built by Baldwin in 19 10, rebuilt in Topeka in November of 1928, scrapped in Topeka on June 2 1, 1940; No. 1838 built by Baldwin in 1906, rebuilt in Argentine in April of 1927, scrapped and sold to U. S. Steel Co. on December 2, 1951; No. 1073 built by Baldwin in 1902, simpled (sic) in Topeka in May of 1915, donated to Lawrence, KS., for display on June 7, 1955. (Second Row) Three 1800's and one 1000. 'Small building to the south of West Fourth and furthest east toward the Main Street crossing is the north crossing watchman's shanty. 'Building to the right of the two closest buildings is Fred Harvey Laundry. Building right behind it is Fred Harvey General Store (Commissary). This building was the back wing of the Old Clark Hotel. The front portion was located in the open area next to Main Street. It was condemned about 1912 and torn down. 'Photo taken in late 1930. Building to right - Santa Fe Depot and train Sheds. - Don Botterwick' Full resolution copies of this file are not available.

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8" x 12" photograph


Harvey County (Kan.), Aerial views, Business districts, Railroad roundhouses, Railroad cars


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Harvey County (Kan.), Aerial views, Business districts, Railroad roundhouses, Railroad cars


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