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This collection contains information on the family history and family tree of the Sternberg family. It also has articles written by Levi Sternberg, George F. Sternberg and Myrl Walker, Director of the Sternberg Museum after George F. Sternberg. There are maps of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Also located in this collection are correspondence of George F. Sternberg, George M. Sternberg, and Myrl Walker; George M. Sternberg’s will; field notes from George F. Sternberg and Charles H. Sternberg; and information and blueprints on the building of the Sternberg Museum in its new location on 27th Street in Hays, Kansas. There are also photos and listings of fossils that were sold by George F. Sternberg and information on George B. Pearce, a noted Kansas collector or fossils.

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