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A page from the Dodge City police docket ledger detailing a court case against a "Mexican" for illegal carrying of a firearm.

Physical Description

11" x 16" leather bound ledger page


This material is in the public domain.


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Docket, Police Judge, City of Dodge City, Kansas. The City of Dodge City, Plaintiff, No. 360 vs. Mexican, Defendant. In the Police Court, Before Samuel Marshall, Police Judge, in and for the City of Dodge City, Ford County, State of Kansas. Fine, 1. Costs, Judge, Docket, .10 Number, .10, Title, .10, Complaint, .25. Warrant, .25. Subpoena, Swearing, Witness, Trial, .50, Judgement, .25, Entering Judgement, .25, Mittimus, Commitment, Continuance, Entries, Filing Papers, .10. Index, .10. Fine and costs paid July 13, 1878. City Attorney, 3.00, Received my Fee E.F. Colburn Atty. City Marshal, 2.00 Paid Marshal Earp July 13, 1878. Witnesses, Total, 10.50. Fine paid R.G. Cook July 25, 1878. Mexican Defendant arrested on the complaint of Wyatt Earp charging that on the 13th day of July AD. 1878, at the said City of Dodge City, the said Defendant J.M. Johnson did within the corporate limits of the said City then and there unlawfully carry concealed about his person a certain dangerous and deadly weapon “to wit” a pistol. Contrary to the provisions of Section XI of Ordinance No. 16 relating to misdemeanors. Now on this 13th day of July 1878 comes this cause for hearing. Case called. Defendant present in court and after hearing the charges contained in the complaint read enters a plea of “guilty.” Whereupon it is by the court considered ordered and adjudicated that the Defendant pay a fine of one dollar and the costs of this prosecution. Witness my hand: Samuel Marshall, Police Judge.