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A digital photograph of a mixed media color painting created by Mabel Vandiver, a former Fort Hays State University chair. The painting features an image of a farm. At the bottom of the image there are trees and plowed farmland to the right of a tan building with a grey roof. Directly in front of the plowed land are people looking out onto the rest of the farm, one wearing reddish overalls and the other wearing dark clothes. On the right-hand side of the photo is a large building with a red roof and bright blue columns. Across the little dirt road in front of this building are storage tanks, one half-blue, one half-brown or tan, and one that is completely white. To the left of the tanks is a small white building with an orange roof. In the left upper corner of the image is a brown train behind a plain white building. Along the horizon at the top of the painting other buildings and trees can be seen.

Physical Description

18" x 12" mixed media color painting




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