The Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) is an evolutionary educational method recently introduced to schools in Kansas. As part of an ongoing investigation into the deployment and effectiveness of the MTSS system, this pilot study established initial participation rates in the program. This project sought to define the incidence rate among males and females in MTSS tiers in the study region. The study also sought initial teacher satisfaction with support for their development and training into the new MTSS system. A survey consisting of 13 items was sent to 600 randomly selected elementary public school teachers in the Kansas First Congressional District. As expected, students placed in Benchmark constituted the highest number of participants. Students across MTSS tiers in Central and Western Kansas schools are distributed according to MTSS guidelines and are gender neutral. An implication of this study is that it is vital for effective instruction in reading and mathematics to approach instruction based on students’ assessment results which are gained by frequent progress monitoring and assessment. A second implication is the need for leaders in school districts to provide teachers with MTSS professional development during their first through third year of teaching.

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