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In the last few decades, technology has been a significant tool in almost all human endeavour (Hancer & Tiizemen, 2008). The integration of technology into education is a growing phenomenon; hence huge amount of money is being invested into Information and Communication technologies (ICTs) in education across the globe in order to ensure improved students’ academic performance (Trautman & Klemp, n.d.). Since the development of various ICTs, computer technology has come to play significant roles in instructional process, thereby transforming the learning environment (Efendioghi & Yelken, 2010; Rosenberg, Grad & Matear, 2003). The hope and quality of achievements of nations nowadays is dependent on the science of technology innovations and the integration of appropriate technological devices in education. To improve the standard of education, adequate attention must be given to instructional techniques employed by the teacher. Instructional methods are process of cognitive, affective and psychomotor development targeted at contributing to students’ performance (Uhumuavbi & Mamudu, 2009).


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