Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Timothy Wagner


The opportunity to attend a university and pursue higher education is a dream that is shared by many high school students and their parents all over the world. Students from developing countries have long studied in the west, but the number of students from developing counties that hope to study in the west has risen considerably in recent years. However, there is often a significant difference in the secondary curriculum in developing countries and the secondary curriculum in western countries which can cause difficulties for students that are new to a more western oriented education. In response to this situation many developing countries have seen an increase in privately owned schools that aim to prepare local students at the secondary level for academic success in western universities. However, many local investors face numerous difficulties in establishing a secondary school with a western curriculum in their countries (Vietnam, 2007). One school that is attempting to face these challenges and provide a western secondary curriculum to local students that hope to study in the west is School X (name changed).