Academic Leadership: The Online Journal (2003-2012)


The growing crisis in the U.S. has caused many traditional colleges and universities to consider new ways to ensure economic competitiveness and continued financial growth without increasing the size and overhead of their campus.. Universities like Upper Iowa, University Bates College in Maine, and Ball State University in Indiana have begun to offer three-year undergraduate degrees and provide online courses to save students both time and money (Pope, 2009). Several colleges in Colorado are considering the option of moving from a traditional undergraduate classroom format to adding online courses as a means to raise revenue and increase student enrollment. Because learning styles and technology utilization are areas of high interest, it is essential to conduct an analysis of adult learning theory and teaching styles. This paper examines relevant literature to understand the connections and differences between adult learning styles and teaching styles in traditional classrooms and in online classrooms. By exploring these phenomena, we will shed light on successful methods and approaches that can influence best practices for online instruction.


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