Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Need achievement motivation is a hypothetical construct designed to explain inter – individual and intra – individual differences in the orientation, intensity and consistency of achievement behaviour. School administrators, teachers, counseling psychologists and other school workers are particularly interested in the patterns of academic achievement behaviours of their students. Counselling as an important service programme in the school setting has to complement the efforts of other school staff in promoting good academic behaviours among students. Achievement motivation being regarded as underlying personality characteristic (Dimmock,2004; Ijaduola,2000) which involves a learned predisposition to attain success in competition with an internationalized standard of excellence and noted by Olatoye (2004)as a critical variable that have important implications for individuals approach, persistence, selection and performance on cognitive tasks, should be of tremendous interest to counseling psychologists. Research oriented practicum effort s directed towards the establishment of solid methodological base for stimulating; developing and strengthening academic achievement motivation among students are indeed urgently required to give a boost to counseling effectiveness in our educational system.