Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Scott Forster


For sometime now there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for formal education in Africa. As a result of this development, individuals, organizations, communities and the government have invested huge sum of money in educational expansion. However, noble as this trend is, the quality of teachers remains one of the major factors that could mar or improve the overall educational results. It follows therefore that if the entire education enterprise in Africa will not be grounded in the distant or nearest future, it is imperative to ensure that teachers are appropriately positioned to play the cardinal roles that belong to them in the educational enterprise. In order to ensure that teachers in Africa are appropriately positioned for this cardinal role that can only be played by them, one of the cardinal issues that need to be addressed is the diminished status of teachers in Africa. With this background, attempt is made in this paper to closely examine the status of teachers in Africa, the need to enhance it and the modalities of doing so.