Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


The AMSTI (Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative)-USA Fellows program, a collaboration between a university College of Education and Arts & Sciences, State Department of Education, and local school district, was created to develop Teacher Leaders in AMSTI Mathematics and Science. The specific focus of this research was to examine the mentoring provided to the Teacher Leaders Fellows, and to determine if the professional development provided to the teacher leaders helped them develop mentoring skills to mentor and coach the AMSTI teachers with whom they worked. At the completion of their Fellowship, these AMSTI-USA Fellows returned to become teacher leaders at their home schools, charged with mentoring and coaching teachers in the AMSTI curriculum. The objectives of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of: (1) mentoring the newly identified teacher leader Fellows into the role of teacher leader; and, (2) developing the mentoring and coaching skills in both the affective components and content aspects of the selected AMSTI Teacher Leader Fellows.