Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


In this time of dwindling resources, economic uncertainty, climate change, global conflict and both natural and manmade disasters causing massive impact to whole communities and cultures, there is a significant need developing for new leadership, for a new way. The increasing global competition in technology leads to a concept called Engineering Leadership including leadership skills and engineering competencies. They address the “Real Problems facing mankind” like energy security (D. Apelian, 2007, pp. 21-30). Greenhouse effect, the diminishing ozone layer, water and air pollution, the growing desserts, energy related problems along with global economy recession are the issues that seriously challenge the day-to-day people’s life and are directly related to engineering paradigms. In today’s ultra-competitive business world focused on customer satisfaction, engineers must not only be technically competent, they must also have requisite interpersonal traits relating to the leadership insights to excel in a complex economy. In other words, world-class engineering leaders are needed to increase productivity. The curriculum of their approach features an innovative direction based on using technical knowledge and leadership skills. The issues in the 21st century framework not only need deep understanding of non-technical perceptions, but also a successful experience of leading human resources is vital.