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Ojo’s edited book accommodates brilliant essays that focus analytically on the hurdles to Nigeria’s democratization process. The book takes the readers into an interesting, but academically cogent, theme, Nigeria’s democratization process: the odds and socio-politically expedient coping strategies. The foreword, excellently written by a Nigerian professor of political science, J. A.A. Ayoade, will no doubt ignite readers’ interest in the book. Apart from projecting Nigeria as a continental and global force, which necessarily elicits great enthusiasm from democracy observers locally and internationally, it also, precisely and concisely, chronicles Nigeria’s tortuous march to democratization. In the preface of this twenty-five chapter book, divided into six sections, the editor presents the question that the book seeks to answer, ‘how can the current democratic experiment be sustained in a country that was marked by predominantly military rule in the post-colonial era?’ (p. ix). This work is very important given the fact that previous hopes for a stable democracy have been monumentally squandered. The editor also performs a fabulous job by providing a succinct recapitulation of each chapter in the book.


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