Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


M.S. Rao


When you look at leaders like Alexander the Great, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy, Vladimir Lenin and Barrack Obama they all have one common style of leadership – charismatic leadership. They stand out from the pack of leaders because of their extraordinary qualities that are rarely found among leaders. For instance, the solders of Alexander blindly followed him because of his charismatic leadership. The soldiers marched towards victory during Second World War under the charismatic leadership of Winston Churchill. Similarly the Germans were inspired with the vision of Adolf Hitler. The Americans were influenced with the charismatic leadership of John F. Kennedy who gave a clarion call ‘don’t ask what the nation gave you; rather ask yourself what you will give back to your nation’. Although Barrack Obama is relatively young, people trusted and voted him as the President of America because of his charismatic leadership.