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Madumere Obike


Educational management is inextricably linked with inventions and innovations. It will not be a mistake to say that effective management equates with productive inventions and innovations. Improving the quality of education and achieving better results should be the priority of educational management. This being the case, it should be the concern of management to meet the needs of the learners and to deal with global economic challenges. To this end, management skills such as organisation and supervision that deals with inventions and innovations are very important. Often times problems arise when inventions are resisted because they appear to be revolutionary and threatening instead of being evolutionary and natural. It is therefore difficult to introduce inventions and innovations in education. This is because the school system is strong in the generation and sustenance of its policies. Believe in continuity is stronger than in inventions of new ideas. This posses a lot of challenges to the school administrator and his followers, concerning how to organise the implementation of inventions and innovations. Effective organisation and supervision is therefore very important. There is no gain saying in the fact that proper organisation is required in the process of achieving educational objectives. Therefore the process of introducing inventions and innovations should be effectively organised and supervised to ensure effective implementation.


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