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Edho Genesis


Supervision of schools in the UBE programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria is an aspect of quality control. It is bound with the efficiency of learning and improvement of the teaching/ learning services. Quality control of Basic Education centers is closely associated with a vital component of education (Monitoring & Evaluation). Today, ‘Quality Control’ is used more or less as a synonym for supervision or inspection which is within the comprehension of the wider segment of the educated publics. Instructional supervision in Nigeria began as a process of external inspection. In the 18th century, supervision was characterized by inspection for control and was carried out by laymen (Onoyase, 1991). Supervisors were appointed who were clergies and had little or no background on educational administration and management. The priest was made a supervisor of school on the basis of the priesthood belonging. Supervisors were inexperienced in the act of supervision. They had little or no formal training of the ethics, concept and practice of supervision. Until the control of schools by government in 1967, school supervision was left in the hands of the missionaries.