Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Sailesh Sharma


Government of Thailand recognizes the need of Human Resources Development of teaching professionals as a key to maintain standards of education at an internationally competitive level. Considering the large number of teachers currently in service whose expertise in new teaching and learning approaches will be critical in implementing the educational reform, it is surprising that very little work has been done in planning, developing and delivering training in new teaching and learning methods. The biggest impact of the teaching and learning reform rests with the teachers currently in the classrooms and yet little attention has been given to (a) developing an in service training programme to help these teachers to adopt student centered learning and other new practices, and (b) considering innovative approaches to delivering. This is matter of serious concern as many of teachers have not had any training since they graduated some twenty or more years. ago and certainly no training in new teaching or learning methods. Since in-service training can’t be taken away from classes, there is urgent need to direct resources to planning, developing and delivering of in-service training. (National Institute for Development of Teachers, Faculty Staffs and Educational Personnel, Ministry of Education, Annual report 2007) .