Academic Leadership: The Online Journal (2003-2012)


Alaba Agbatogun


The world is seemingly experiencing a third wave of social and technological transformation as the society is becoming more oriented to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT is one of the various factors that are drastically influencing occupational success especially in the educational sector. Adamu (2004) sees ICT as a set of technological tools and resources used to communicate and create, disseminate, to store and manage information. The information dissemination is easily possible through computer technologies. Markauskaite (2006) opines that the introduction of computer technology into teaching and learning is a giant stride towards improving the quality of education. Globally in the recent time, a new type of literacy that is more widely discussed is computer literacy. In fact, ICT (computer) literacy has been a subject of educational research ever since the integration of technology into education system either as tools for self-study or as a teaching device.


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