Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Since Independence, the education, particularly the higher education in India has undergone a unique transformation from elitist to egalitarian group. There has been the expansion of higher education facilities in India since independence. We can see the expansion of higher education with increasing speed day by day in the context of globalization, liberalization and privatization. But a big question in front of us is whether the quality is ensured or not. It is saddening to note that 128 universities who got themselves accredited by the NAAC only 32 per cent could get ‘A’ or above level of rating while another 52 per cent of them could manage with ‘B’ or above grade. The remaining 16 per cent fall in grade ‘C’ or above. NAAC assessment further indicates that 68% of colleges are rated as ‘B’ while another 23% colleges is rated as ‘C’ grade; and only the remaining 9% are ‘A’ grade. Thus the quality assurance in higher education is the need of the hour.