Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Glenys Drew


The pressure on higher education to embrace a change agenda to cope with an increasingly complex operating environment has been growing over recent years (Hanna, 2003; Pick, 2003). Hanna (2003) writes that “higher education institutions must change – and, indeed, are changing – to meet future needs,” (p. 26) and that they will need to address a number of strategic challenges as they “transform themselves to meet the demands of an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.” (p. 26) These changes may require embracing different ways of operating, forging new and different partnerships to attract funds and undertake research, and streamlining processes to cope with the increased monitoring and reporting requirements (Drew, 2006; Hanna, 2003; Ramsden, 1998; Shattock, 2003; Stiles, 2004).