Academic Leadership: The Online Journal


Ralitsa Akins


Higher education institutions should recognize that their staff are their vital and valued asset. The university should therefore, commit itself to encouraging and enabling staff to realize their potential by providing opportunities for all colleagues to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for them to enhance their contribution to meeting individual, area, and organizational objectives. Not only that staff development should be among a clutch of institutional innovations thrust upon universities, it is a technique or tool to increase quality, efficiency and output, it can be associated with high quality professional performance resulting in career advancement, strategic development, and initiative to sustain change (Duke, 1992: 98, 105). The purpose of this article was to understand the nature of staff development in Finnish universities in helping staff fulfill their roles as educators. In line with this objective, the crucial question that this paper seeks to answer is: How would the professional competencies of teaching staff in Finnish universities be developed in order to bring quality in their academic work of student teaching. It is believed that answer to this vital question would present best practices in academic staff management in institutions of higher learning in other countries.