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Dr. George Miller Sternberg was born in New York on June 8, 1838. He was the oldest son of Reverend Levi Sternberg and Margaret Sternberg. He became an Assistant Surgeon in the United States Army on May 28, 1861. He is considered one of the first U.S. bacteriologist. In 1866, he was promoted to Major and assigned to Fort Harker in Kansas. During his time here, he became interested in fossils and started to collect fossil leaves from the Dakota sandstone nearby. Many of his fossils ended up at the Smithsonian. He also acquired land and started to ranch near the fort, and later his brothers Charles H. and Edward, and his father, Levi, would come to Kansas to live on his ranch with him. His younger brother, Charles Hazelius Sternberg started to collect fossils as well.



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