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Small baseball parks with grandstands constructed prior to the Second World War continue to be lost around the country, and much of the sport’s history is lost with them. Missouri has a few such ballparks remaining within its borders, including those in Carthage, Hannibal, and St. Joseph. In addition, Sedalia has what is arguably one of the finest examples in the nation of a small ballpark with an historic wooden grandstand constructed in 1937–1938 that continues to serve its original purpose. This article is a brief introduction to baseball in Sedalia from the end of the Civil War through the Great Depression, along with the history of baseball in the city’s Liberty Park that culminated in construction of the grandstand still in use more than 80 years after it was constructed.

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Liberty Park Stadium, Sedalia Goldbugs, Dick Rohn, Ed Reulbach, Harry Suter, Bill “Plunk” Drake



Early Baseball and Historic Liberty Park Stadium in Sedalia, Missouri

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