Academic Leadership Journal


The United States is currently experiencing a financial recession with large and lasting consequences. College students and recent college graduates have certainly felt the impact of the current recession. The staff and faculty at Drexel University’s Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have developed many initiatives to help both graduating seniors and students enrolled in our cooperative education program land meaningful, relevant employment opportunities. One initiative aims to provide our co-op students with the most effective preparation to not only secure jobs, but to excel at those jobs and make lasting positive impressions on their employers. To accomplish this goal during these extraordinarily tough economic conditions, the faculty revised the curriculum of our Career Management and Professional Development course, otherwise known as COOP 101. This required course provides students with the practical tools they need to be successful during their job searches as well as on the job. By changing the course from a lecture in class, practice out of class model to a demonstrate in class, practice in class model the COOP 101 faculty aimed to prepare students for the realities of a difficult job market.



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