Academic Leadership Journal


The importance of parental involvement in enhancing the quality of their children’s educational experiences and academic success is well documented in the literature (Chrispeels & Rivero, 2001; Cordry & Wilson, 2004; Delgado-Gaitan, 2001; Dierking & Falk, 1994; Jones &Valdez, 1997; Quezada, Diaz, Sanchez, 2003; Valdes, 1996). Parent involvement results in higher reading scores, greater language growth and development, and increased motivation to achieve (Harvard Family Research Project, 2007). Parental involvement includes a wide range of activities from promoting the importance of education to participating in the decision-making and operations of schools. For maximum results, there should be some alignment between parents’ attitudes and practices and the school’s expectations of parents and support for family involvement.



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