Academic Leadership Journal


Ibraheem Dooba


There has been serious effort to develop scales to measure emotional intelligence since the first measure of an aspect of emotional intelligence – the perception of affective content in ambiguous visual stimuli (Mayer, DiPaolo, & Salovey, 1990) – was reported in a scientific journal (Mayer, Caruso, & Salovey, 2000). The studies were done in relation with a number of variables such as academic achievement (Newsome, Day, and Catano, 2000); leadership (Humphrey, 2002); personality (Lopes, Salovey, and Straus, 2003; Newsome et al. 2000); sex (Charbonneau and Nicol, 2002; Saklofske, Austin, and Minski, 2003), and IQ (Saklofske et al., 2003).



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